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bullet For best results your resume should be presented in a chronological format. (do not use a summary resume)
bullet Font size should be 10 points or larger. Try to avoid fancy or hard to read fonts. Suggested fonts are Arial, Times New Roman.
bullet Margins should be half inch or wider.
bullet To avoid having your resume disregarded ALWAYS proof read for errors. It is often helpful to ask someone else to proof read it as well (they might catch something you missed.
bullet Do not forget to place your name, address and a good contact phone number at the top of your resume. Adding more phone numbers doesn't hurt (home, cell and work).
bullet If you have an email address, include it with the contact information at the top of your resume (be sure to check your email often once you begin to circulate your resume).
bullet If you have career experience begin by including a summary of your experiences (3 to 4 lines). Use keywords related to the industry that will catch the reader's attention.
bullet If you are just entering the workplace, under your contact info you will place your education information. List this information by greatest accomplishment to smallest (Ph. D., Masters then Bachelors). Include the date each degree was obtained as well as more related courses and training. If you are in the process of completing a degree, note it has not been completed and how much remains until completion.
bullet Now you will add job experience (most recent job first). Include company name, city, state, starting and ending dates in a month year format, Job titles (in bold, listed by recent first) and finally the description of what you did in each position in paragraph form (be sure to include accomplishments).
bullet Multiple positions within one company are all listed under that company heading stating each title with the dates you worked in that position and a description (including accomplishments) for each position.
bullet After listing your ALL your job experiences, list any industry specific internships or positions during longchamp geldborse college. Please be sure to indicate this position was an intern position. As long as the position is related to the career you are currently applying for you may add a brief description.
bullet If you have not already done so (as explained above) you will now list your education. Please see above for proper formatting of your education.
bullet If you have served in the military do not forget to include the years you served and your final rank. If military training is related to the position you are seeking you may include a brief description.
bullet Add language skills.
bullet Finally a resume usually is ended with the statement "References will be furnished upon request" or something similar.



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