Leslie Gaber Associates
Leslie Gaber Associates

Wednesday, October 5 2005
I just wanted to let you know, Leslie, that I am deeply appreciative of the patience and time spent finding me the perfect position. Carmen was incredibly helpful and thorough. I would not have even considered this opportunity had Carmen not been so well informed about my career goals as well as the paths I had taken throughout my career. Many, many thanks to Carmen. In addition, Leslie, I want to thank you for all that you did for me, as well. You are a great sounding board and I thank you so much for keeping that human touch in all that you do.

Tuesday, September 27 2005
Leslie, I want to thank you and your team for all of your help...together, we built the STRONGEST oncology team in the industry!

Friday, September 23 2005
Leslie, I appreciate all the help. You and Cindy are phenomenal to work with and I plan on seeking your assistance when we expand.

Monday, August 15 2005
Leslie, I feel compelled to write to let you know about my positive interactions with one of your employees, Carolyn. My first introduction to Carolyn was while going through the interviewing process with for the Regional Manager position. I never worked with a recruiter for my own interests and was not sure how to approach the situation. During my very first phone conversation, Carolyn put me at ease, helped to remind me of my experience and nudged me forward. I was tentative about leaving my former employer and needed encouragement and a bit of hand holding. Carolyn astutely identified this and worked with me so well, and as you know I was made a wonderful offer. I felt most fortunate to be joining the organization and I attribute my initial interest to your introduction and ultimately Carolyn's ability to understand what my needs were at that time and work me through the process. Once I knew that I would be working with Carolyn during the hiring phase for the North East, I was thrilled. However, I knew that we would be on a very tight schedule as I committed that I would have offers out to everyone by the end of July. That gave us 6 weeks to recruit and hire 8 territories in the North East during vacation time and the July 4th holiday. We were definitely pushing it. I had worked with other recruiters in the past and I was not sure if we could really make it happen. Honestly, I don't know if it would have happened if I didn't have Carolyn on this project. Carolyn was in constant communication with me alerting me to schedule changes, conflicts, and on the fly adjustments in order to work with my schedule and the candidates schedules. She even adjusted a jam packed week in order to help me be there for my dad during a health issue. This was no small feat given the time crunch. However, not only did she adjust it for me…she took all the pressure off of me, which enabled me to concentrate on my family. Knowing Carolyn was going to work all the scheduling out with the candidates, I was confident we could still reach our goal. I could go on about Carolyn's professional abilities and skills, however, I was most impressed with her ability to relate, develop relationships, understand issues and truly connect with people over the phone. I heard wonderful things from all the candidates about Carolyn. I made a point of asking about the interactions and the process. They absolutely raved about her professionalism and her care/concern. This is a wonderful reflection of the atmosphere you must be creating at your company and the great employees you retain. I believe I have a great team in place in the North East poised for success in launching our drug to those that need it most. I thank you and Carolyn for helping me secure this group. The proof will be in the pudding…but I could not be more confident about the team assembled. Thanks to you and Carolyn!
Regional Business Manager - North East

Tuesday, August 9 2005
Carolyn, I am so excited to be working with Onyx! I wanted to thank you for your efforts in the interview and selection process. You impressed me with your knowledge, professionalism and discretion. I would recommend you and Leslie Gaber Associates highly. If you ever need a reference let me know.

Thursday, July 28 2005
Michelle: Just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for your help on the recent opportunity. As usual, your follow-up and professionalism stand out!

Sunday, July 17, 2005
After 9 years selling pharmaceuticals, I was looking to move into the biotech sector. Michelle really took an interest in me and helped me to find the right position with the right company. If there was an opportunity that didn't seem right and I didn't want to pursue it, which was okay with her. She wanted to be sure I found the right fit, which I did recently with a leading biotech firm. I've spoken to other recruiters in the past, and most of them just seem to want to fill up an interview schedule, then you may never hear from them again. It's great to know that at Leslie Gaber, you go the extra mile for your clients. I couldn't be happier with the result of my job search and I won't hesitate to enthusiastically recommend your firm to colleagues who are searching.
Senior Territory Manager

Leslie, After 3 really tough days I wanted to write you a note to thank you. I have worked with executive recruiters in the past few months that were pushy and in my estimation were in it for the pay day. Not you. You were my partner in this. Many thanks. My search continues. I know it won't be easy, but rest assured wherever I go to build a team you will be the recruiter I call on because of the respect and dignity and professionalism that I felt throughout this process. All those traits are second to none in my book.

Director of Oncology Sales

Hi Leslie, I would like to thank you for your time and consideration. You have been very helpful, kind, and have been great always getting back to me. Because these traits seem to be rare among recruiters, I would like to forward you names and contact info of some colleagues that are looking for new positions if that would be okay with you. Thanks for everything. Please keep in touch.

I just wanted to thank the Associates at Leslie Gaber especially Cindy everyone has been so professional, honest and truly upfront. A refreshing change compared to other recruiting firms. I look forward to working with them in the future.
Sales Specialist

I just wanted to note what a pleasure it was to work with Carmen Ligouri. She took a sincere interest in my finding a new position. She partnered with me during the process and was always there when I had a question or two. I was working with a lot of recruiters and would rank Carmen among the best. Thank you Carmen.
Area Business Manager

Leslie, thank you for all you did to help me fill both my representative and DSM openings. You and your staff are great to work with. I love your tenacity and staying after it, when others give up. I look forward to working with you in the new year.
Gary F
Regional Sales Director - West

Leslie Gaber was awesome...very professional, friendly, sense of urgency, great follow-up, can do - win/win attitude. I would highly recommend her group. Leslie, thank you for helping me staff the best sales team in the industry!
Chris M
District Sales Manager

Thursday, October 28, 2004
I have enjoyed working with Michelle, she is extremely professional and responsive.
Specialty Account Manager

Leslie, You are such an integral part in helping to build this company. More specifically YOU are helping me to build a successful, award winning team! I can't thank you enough.
District Manager

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